Thursday, 6 December 2012

Portal: A scheduled break in programming

Currently listening to Portal's [SEEPIA].

Recording style flattens and obscures dynamics. This is ferocious. It sits somewhere between the suffocating atmosphere of occult oriented suicidal black metal and brutal death metal. The sonic mush forces the listener away at the same time drawing her in.

I want to hear this! She screams.

This is like Krallice but without the catharsis. What the fuck is this?

Opaque, cryptic, mysterious, I don't need to understand this to get its vibe, the grime, the horror, the filth. I love that it does not proclaim, I love that it writhes like some kind of dying Lovecraftian abortion, sick, dangerous but just out of reach.

Horror music offers what horror movies do not: an abundance of interpretive space. It forces our attention, commitment and imagination.

Step through the Portal.

Check out some videos over at Heavy Blog is Heavy who are in the middle of an Avant-Garde metal special week long feature.

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