Wednesday, 5 December 2012

7. Royal Thunder - CVI

Sometimes, with the weight of mysoginy and homophobia stacked against them, the girls not only get it right but they do it better. Especially in the world of stoner and doom

Jex Thoth, Soma's Kim Pack and now Royal Thunder's Miny Parsonz are all examples of this. Parsonz channels Stevie Nicks and Janice Joplin and runs them through a doomy Ozzy Osbourne and restrained Dio filter. Her overdubbed harmonies are lush but not overly sweet - she sounds tough without trying to "sound like a dude".

Add into all this a band who can lay down some pretty rad down tempo doom and make vibes in the spirit of resurrected doom via Witchcraft and Graveyard and just a whiff of Rise Above Records catalog of the occult and you have a solid, unquestionable 2012 top ten entry.
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